2 D

Figuring the Soul

What would it look like if the human form were a reflection of our intangible selves? This question motivated my goal to create a series of abstract figure drawings that reflect the emotional human condition. The aim is to encompass the soul and how it steers our interactions and perceptions. The investigation of this series then relies on my belief that the deepest human feelings come from the soul, and that the soul itself can be felt. Each drawing attempts to contrast the common notion that people “move through life.” Instead, it focuses on how “life moves through us,” and even how we live through one another. These notions are not a description of our physical bodies and interactions, but of the path of our unconscious selves. 

Since we perceive the outside world so physically, I feel the constant urge to represent the immaterial world of existence. It is a great challenge to assign a shape to something as absolutely intangible as the soul. To best represent the relationship between what we can perceive of the soul through our experiences and what we can only imagine the soul must contain, I used simple lines to give distinct form while leaving plenty of space for what is imagined.